Portable wood-burning ovens for pizzas

wood-burning oven slice1

An extraordinary wood-burning oven

Portable wood-burning ovens Enjoy Pizza are unbeatable regarding their versatility and speed of use: it takes only 10 minutes to reach the maximum temperature inside the oven, the smallest model occupies only 60x40cm and they all have a limited wood consumption. They are easy to use in the garden, on the terrace or in your own kitchen.

It is a product that comes from a completely Italian experience, designed to bring the taste of real pizza anywhere – whether to those who live in the heart of Naples or to those abroad.

It represents a simple and inexpensive way to share the joy of good pizza with your friends and family and treat them as best you can, wherever you are.

How to use your new wood-burning oven

pizza slice The Enjoy Pizza ovens are extremely easy to handle: they arrive at your home ready to use. The manual which comes with it will help you clarify any doubts and concerns.

To prepare a good pizza, light the woods inside the oven and place them laterally on the holder which came along with it and wait until the oven reaches the maximum temperature of about 400°. Then, just place your pizza inside. It takes only 2-3 minutes, but make sure to rotate it at a half of cooking time in order to bake it equally.

On our blog you will find hints and tips for choosing the right firewood, as well as the recipes for pizza and bread.